Oh Iris…

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted… but all is good I’ve been working hard on a project that should come to fruition soon!!!! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Anywho, here’s a lovely video featuring Iris Apfel and her thoughts on style and creativity.  My favorite quote from Iris is, “The fun of getting dressed is it’s a creative experience.”

Have a lovely day!!! <3, Laura

Lines in the Sky



Inspiration is found everywhere, these green parrots were spotted in my backyard and my sis snapped the perfect picture of them. Colorful parrots and deep blue skies are a couple of reasons why I love living in Florida.

Have a lovely inspiring day!


Shoes I Crave

A few years ago I mused… (What) If There Was a Shoe Fairy… and blogged my musings. But life happened and shoe fairy dreams were not the first thing I thought of. I recently remembered those days and posts. I figured why not keep on dreaming. After all I still wish at times shoe fairies existed… A girl can dream, so dream I will, and I’ll share my dreams with you dear readers.

The shoe(s): I am currently craving a couple pairs of gladiator sandals by Schutz. The first pair are the Fanny Gladiator Sandal, also available here, here, here, and here. I love the simplicity of the Fanny Gladiator Sandal they are classic and perfect!!! The Fanny Gladiator Sandal comes in black and brown. The second pair I am currently craving is the Erlina Lace-up Sandal also available here in black, here in black too & gray. These shoes are out of this world, oh my, LOVE them!!! The Erlina come in black, gray, tan(sold out), and a brilliant blue(grab them while you can).

How I would wear them: I would wear them with sweet little day dresses, denim jackets are optional =) I also think they would look amazing with a maxi or some super cute shorts…

Denim Dreaming
Spring Dreams
I know it’s terribly cold in most of the Northern Hemisphere but spring is around the corner. With spring comes a world of new opportunities, for both life and your closet.
What shoes do you crave?
Love, Laura
p.s. I have been cleaning out my closet & vintage collection and I have quite a few things for sale on Ebay, check it out here.